The people at Voters United are a passionate bunch of kiwis committed to improving life for all New Zealanders.

We have worked hard to prepare this platform for the benefit of all kiwis concerned about the outcome of the 2023 election. But, if we are to achieve success, we need you. We can’t do it alone. Those heady days of “she’ll be right, mate,” may be gone, but the honest and friendly, caring kiwis are still out there. We need you to help us find them. We need to unite.

Share our message as far and as wide as you can, talk to your friends, your family, talk to strangers, you might be surprised how many people are as frustrated as you. We need your support, and your action, and if you can, your contributions as well, so we can spread the word even further through posters and billboards, etc.

If you would like to distribute flyers and posters you can download and print the attached posters yourself. Mail drop your area, visit your local cafe, butcher, pub…

We can’t do this alone.

100% of all donations will be used for the purpose of promoting and maintaining the Voters United platform.

So whether you’d like to buy us a cheese scone and a coffee, or want to go big so we can get a couple of billboards up, every dollar is gratefully received. The greater our reach, the better the outcome.

Voters United will comply with all financial statutory requirements.

Account Name : Voters United

Number: 12-3254-0201439-00

And, if you have skills, suggestions, or can assist us in some way, please contact us at