The First 6 Months


In our first 6 months we will negotiate hard with the major parties to form a solid working agreement to ensure we have a strong stable govt.

We will not enter into any agreement with Labour, Greens or the Maori Party if they are in a position to form a govt we will sit on the cross benches and challenge them at every opportunity.

We want the Bill of Rights enshrined as superior law, the first step in this is removing the clause that allows the Bill of Rights to be overridden in exceptional circumstances.

We will insist that the Covid vaccinations be stopped immediately and an extensive and well funded major investigation into the whole Covid debacle be initiated.

Return all mandated workers back to work and compensate all affected people, this is a major and will be ongoing.

We will insist that any law that breaches the Bill of Rights be repealed.

We need to urgently address the cost of living crisis, open the borders to urgently needed skilled workers and get our books balanced.

Of course there is much more but this is a start.

Heartland NZ is primarily a rural and provincially focused party, with the aim of supporting our primary producers.

While it is noticeable that the direction is narrowly targeted to a very specific sector of our population, this group represents approximately 80% of our export income, therefore, by alleviating the current pressure being concentrated on this group, then by default, we will reduce the effects of the current crisis in living costs, on the wider population.

With the above in mind, the items we would focus on, within the first 6 months of being successfully elected to parliament would be:

  • Remove current unworkable regulations, e.g. winter grazing permits, etc.
  • Remove ineffective taxes, which have a compound effect on produce, e.g. Carbon Tax and Ute Tax.
  • Remove or restructure state funding of media, or at least require it to be displayed in advertising material.
  • Abolish co-governance.
  • Review decision to close Marsden Point and reverse the oil and gas exploration ban.

FreedomsNZ puts people first – standing united for you, we will counter the moral rot which has taken place in our nation to transform it back to the honest values we Kiwis hold dear to our hearts. Unity in diversity gives FreedomsNZ the ability to work across a wider platform of policies.

The key cross-party policies that we would implement within the first six months in Government include:

  • End vaccine mandates to allow all healthcare workers to return to work, and repeal every piece of Covid-19 legislation
  • Remove race-based healthcare with a needs-based healthcare system
  • Commission a fully independent transparent enquiry
    into the Covid-19 response
  • Repeal Three Waters, supporting local councils with improvements of their water infrastructure
  • Re-open Marsden Point Refinery to ensure fuel resilience and high quality bitumen for NZ roading
  • Stop fluoride in drinking water
  • Rehabilitate criminals through education & life skill programmes in prisons, reducing gangs and crime
  • Remove income tax up to 25k income
  • Protect freedom of speech through democratic independent media and stop any hate speech laws
  • Stop the implementation of the therapeutics bill and embrace natural products into medical care
  • Remove GST on NZ grown fruit & veggies
  • Stop the overbearing Central Government directed intensive housing legislation, supporting Councils to work closely with their communities
  • Ingrain and uphold the Bill of Rights and Human Rights legislation putting people first
  • Reframe the climate change narrative into the environmental responsibility exploring all the science
  • Remove the carbon fart tax for our farmers
  • Remove the ute tax
  • Stop transforming good agricultural land into carbon pine tree plantations
  • Lower the MMP 5% party vote threshold
  • Stop the sexualisation of our children and remove critical race theory from the school curriculum
  • Review and simplify government departments to make processes simpler, remove the over-restrictions, and reduce the bloated bureaucracy

(Now part of the Freedoms NZ umbrella party)

1. Ask the hard questions (oral and written) that none of the current MPs or opposition are asking to empower the public and hold government to account.

2. End all “No Jab No Job” and “No Jab No Study” mandates – reclaim body sovereignty, rights of employees, students and public service.

3. Continue our fight against state overreach: Stop Three Waters, water fluoridation, the Therapeutic Products Bill restrictions on natural remedies and other state overreach. Our submissions to select committee show our commitment even outside of Parliament in opposition to their draconian legislation such as ucts-bill-outdoors-and-freedom-party/

4. Continue to oppose all legislation that puts more and more power into fewer and fewer hands, to ensure power remains with the people, not a handful of unelected elites, MP’s and bureaucrats.

5. Withdraw from the WHO and other globalist overreach. This is critical.

6. Entrench the NZ Bill of Rights and remove the “justified limitations clause.”

7. Create a forum that requires government to act lawfully, in accordance with public law principles and requires the Attorney General, Auditor General, Ombudsman and Crown Law to hold government to account.

8. Create a small and medium business panel to inquire how best to support our economy’s “power house”, as SME’s are our biggest employers apart from the Government.

9. Hold a transparent, independent public inquiry into the Covid response. Look closely at the undermining of human rights and depletion of our public health system and bring those responsible to account.

10. Initiate a rethink of our current health system – reviving holistic health as a crucial part of the equation, ensuring people’s personal sovereignty on all medical choices, and returning brilliant “proven” drugs that were demonised despite wide clinical proof, and made unavailable during the pandemic.

11. Revise all medicines for safety and efficacy – medicines that show high risk/ low benefit will be replaced with alternatives. Ideally, Outdoors & Freedom Party want to see the creation of a “freedom of health choice” ward in every major hospital but expect this will take time.

12. Facilitate urgent debate on climate change factors, including a broad range of independent scientists to determine the best action and solutions that will have lasting impact rather than creating bigger problems. Include the farming and primary production sector so they are part of the solution and are respected for their contribution to our society “No Farmers, No Food”! Acknowledge the largest polluters are corporations (not farmers) who account for over 70% of eco destruction globally.

13. Investigate 5G technology to determine the truth about the real dangers. Encourage public discourse and bring in independent analysts.

14. End the use of 1080 poison due to unacceptable death rate of native species, food and water contamina- tion issues, and replace with a totally new pest management based on the latest technology, research and local stewardship.

15. End state control of media and social media, “cancel culture” and other tyrannical state control. Respect freedom of expression and encourage different perspectives.

16. Stop destructive over-fishing and the extraction of every last fish from New Zealand waters to supply cheap fish to overseas markets. Appoint a fearlessly indepen- dent organisation such as to oversee industry best practise.

17. Continue to oppose and roll back the sale, and subsidizing, of farms to foreign buyers for conversion to carbon credit pine plantations.

18. Investigate and push for the activation of existing legislation to re-instate the Public Works Department to ensure fit-for-purpose infrastructure.

1. New Conservative would call for a cross-party agreement to put a halt to teaching gender ideology in schools.

2. New Conservative will scrap all sex education until there is robust community consultation to decide on a child-centered approach to teaching about relationships and scientifically proven biological facts over feelings.

3. New Conservative will remove any political lobbying groups from access to government decisions.

4. New Conservative will give back power and control of local resources to the local council.

5. New Conservative will support families where one parent stays at home with children to give them the best start.

6. New Conservative will ensure that all life is valued

7. New Conservative will work to promote the use of our natural resources and acknowledge the value of our farming sector

  1. We will focus on rebuilding our broken economy – by supporting local business and New Zealand made.
  2. We will re-open the Marsden Oil Refinery. We will address the cost of living immediately and remove GST from food & petrol asap.
  3. We will support our agriculture and farming industries by seeking to remove all the red tape bureaucracy.
  4. We will challenge all government frivolous spending, and seek to enshrine the NZ Bill of Rights 1990 into constitutional law.
  5. We will push to withdraw from the UN20230 Agenda and push to withdraw from the Paris Accord – which will save us $1.4B per year.
  6. We will fight to have all doctors, nurses and front line workers to have their jobs back with back pay. We will also push for the royal commission enquiry
    into the handling of COVID19.
  7. We will demand answers that the conflict of interest be recognised by government paying money into the media – $50m plus. This comprised our media industry reporting and we will fight to ensure this will never happen again.
  8. We will move to tax the banks – for a “Offshore Bank Tax” as these banks continue to take all their profits offshore.

ONE Party – will seek to serve our constituents wholeheartedly without compromise.