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POLL #10

POLL #10 29 September 2023 – FINAL POLL

NZ Loyal finished our initiative as the leading party in our Polls, with NZ First second.  Between them they accounted for over 75% of the total vote.

Voters United Polls remain split.

The main message of the initiative was always, if you want representation do not split your vote to a party that will not get 5%. The overriding assumption for this strategy was that there would be enough minor party votes within the voting electorate, that if they united they would clear any 5% barrier and win representation and seats.

Our strategy has always been about the numbers!

Our assumption at the start of our campaign was that there was a minor party vote that could be united to support winning a voice for our concerns in Parliament following the 2020 election.

We originally hoped that the majority of people who voted for a minor party in 2020 would support our initiative and sign up. We thought that the minor parties themselves would see the benefits of having a group of committed voters in one place to address and win their support. 

We anticipated tens of thousands of people uniting together. As of now, we have just under 7,000 members. 

Our assumption was wrong and we cannot risk supporting a split in the minor party vote. Our subscriber member base is simply not big enough to be of significance alongside the general polls. It would be irresponsible to not consider all NZ polls given that our desired membership falls short of the 150,000 (approx.) votes required to reach 5%. 

The only Party in our initiative to reach the 5% threshold in the general polls is NZ FirstCurrently polling at 6% they are looking to secure 8 party seats this election, and have more than doubled their support since 2020. The more seats they can achieve, the bigger their voice will be. With 35 Party list Candidates they have the potential to achieve an even stronger voice when in Parliament. 


Use your vote wisely.

We can’t tell you who to vote for, we can only show you where your vote may lead. We recommend that you use your electorate vote to support the candidate in your area that best meets your needs. Voters United asks for your party vote to be used strategically in the most important election of a lifetime. 


POLL #9 22 September 2023

In Poll #9 we wanted to see where you stood with regards to our key message on voting strategically.


POLL #8 11 September 2023

Poll #8 was a slightly different view of our members voting preferences. This ranked poll asked you to select the parties in order of preference and shows NZ Loyal holding a lead over the second highest ranking party NZ First.  Democracy NZ is in third place with Leighton Baker Party fourth, slightly ahead of Freedoms NZ.

Some Poll Insights:

37% of NZ Loyal voters voted for NZ First as their second-most preferred party, while 48% of NZ First voters voted for NZ Loyal as their second-most preferred party.

33% of Democracy NZ voters voted for NZ Loyal as their second-most preferred party, and 21% of Democracy NZ voters voted for NZ First as their second-most preferred party.

65% of Leighton Baker Party’s support as second-most preferred party came from NZ Loyal voters.

53% of Democracy NZ’s support as second-most preferred party came from NZ Loyal voters

68% of Democratic Alliance’s support as second-most preferred party came from NZ First or NZ Loyal voters.


POLL #7 28 August 2023

Collectively NZ Loyal and NZ First are accounting for over 70% of the vote. The top 4 (incl. Democracy NZ and Freedoms NZ) represent over 89% of the vote.

Democracy NZ have seen a further decline in their vote, while Freedom NZ have seen another slight increase. The Undecided vote continues to track downward the closer we get to the election.

Of the smaller vote counts – NewZeal has seen the biggest increase, as have the New Nation Party and Democratic Alliance. The Leighton Baker Party and Protect and Prosper (unregistered) have both dropped.

Note: NZ Loyal, Leighton Baker Party and Democratic Alliance are all now registered political parties


POLL #6 13 August 2023

Freedom of Speech. What does it mean? …read more

NZ First and NZ Loyal (unregistered) consolidate their lead with collectively over 68% of the vote.

Freedoms NZ, New Zeal (formerly One Party) and Democratic Alliance (unregistered) have made small gains.

Democracy NZ continues to drop.  Leighton Baker Party (unregistered) and NNP also drop, and the Undecided vote continues its trend down.

For an updated status of the unregistered parties, see the Electoral Commission website here.


POLL #5 30 July 2023

What influence does the World Economic Forum have over New Zealand politicians and Government policy? …read more

Two clear leading parties are emerging from Poll #5. Despite the fact that NZ Loyal are not registered, the trusted leadership and the strong policies behind NZ Loyal have made a significant impact on our minor party voting population. How far the NZ Loyal voice has reached outside of the minor party voting platform is yet to be seen, as they will not feature in any of the mainstream polls until registration is complete. NZ First, on the other hand, already has a 3-5% polling margin in the mainstream polls, as well as showing the lead in our (exclusively) minor party polls.

The undecided vote has reduced significantly since Poll #1, The Freedoms NZ umbrella party appears to have been impacted by the recent New Nation Party departure, and Democracy NZ maintains 3rd place in Poll #5.


POLL #4 18 July 2023

New Zealand declares a climate change emergency…read more

Due to popular demand, we have added the newly formed Leighton Baker Party and the NZ Loyal Party to our polling candidates list in Poll #4. It should be noted that these parties are in the process of registration and are not yet fully registered to meet the electoral requirements.

A swing in the member vote towards NZ Loyal possibly indicates popular support from our membership for some of their strong policy announcements. We also see a reduction in the undecided voter count. 

Our three main leading parties have turned into four, and our votes remain split across them. If this was to remain the status quo, no party would win seats and there would be no voice for our concerns in Parliament.

Our Voters United Poll #4 results have been scaled to compare them to the 2020 election (combined minor party votes 225,000). 

As you can see in these results the minor party vote remains split across all the minor parties. 


POLL #3 3 July 2023

We asked the minor parties some serious questions, you can read their replies here.

Then we asked our voters: Who is your preferred party?

Our Voters United poll 3 results have been scaled to compare them to the 2020 election. (combined minor party votes 225,000).  

As you can see in these results not one of the parties alone have met the 5% target (approx. 150,000 votes) required to win a seat in Parliament. 

The minor party vote remains split across all the minor parties. 


POLL #2 26 May 2023

Do you think Voters United should include any other political party in our initiative?

poll 2
poll 2 pie chart

The people have spoken! Thank you to all those that participated in this poll, it’s reassuring to know that we’re on the right track.

We thought we’d share with you a few of the comments that came in with this Poll…

“No. None of the 5 in the Hive.”
“All. They should all be asked to focus on the questions that have lead to the establishment of Voters United.” “No. If you put majors in I’m out. The stated goal was to show the minors support.”
“None of the major parties are trustworthy, why waste our time?”
“All the established parties have proven themselves useless. Our hope lies in new or independent candidates/parties”
“All. At least we’d know it was an honest poll and what we’re up against and a record in case of the expected skullduggery.”
“All. Even if they’re two cheeks of the same arse…”
“All the other Parties except the current 5 blood suckers.” “Ones that support [the Voter’s United] initiative.”


POLL #1 25 April 2023

Based on your knowledge to date, if an election were held tomorrow, which party would you vote for?

Congratulations to Democracy NZ! This is a great result, but also a good opportunity to remind our other minor parties to get your supporters to sign up to Voters United.

Lets grow the numbers.