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It’s time for change. Let’s make it happen. 
In the last election, 1,250,000 people voted for a minor party, or not at all. We strongly suspect that the number of concerned voters might be even greater this time around! If we unite our voting power, we will have a sure chance of winning seats in the upcoming 2023 Election.
Being a part of the Voters United family means you will receive regular updates and notification of polling. We call upon you to partake in these polls, as this process will help us all identify the minor Party, that the majority of our membership believes is best suited to represent our Principles.
Please invite your like-minded friends and family to visit our website, and sign up with us. Sharing is caring! And if you find that you haven’t heard from us in a while, it may pay to check your spam folder.
United together we will create a new landscape in NZ politics. The views and concerns of a significant number of New Zealanders will no longer be ignored.


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Voters United give you our pledge that this process will be fair and transparent to all parties. Need to know more?
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