The role of our elected
Government is to unite and serve
all New Zealanders.

The role of our elected
Government is to unite and serve
all New Zealanders.


The recently pronounced Pandemic, changed ‘definition’ of pandemic, and proceeding declaration of emergency status, illustrated just how quickly extreme change in Governance can occur.
The introduction of the Covid19 Public Health Response Act (2020) facilitated significant reduction in the free rights of New Zealanders.
Our free right to move, to speak, to associate, to privacy, to access health care, and even the right to earn a living, has been heavily impacted over the past two+ years.
Even more worrying is that on occasions, when Government actions were legally challenged, and found through existing law to be illegal, the Government felt it appropriate to change the law overnight, without proper public consultation or debate.
Worse still, a segregated and divided community was both promoted and encouraged.
We believe in a free and democratic society all New Zealanders have the right to debate, to have their concerns heard, and to vote on key law and policy. To make decisions by discussion, not by mandate.
Such political influence has a dramatic effect on our day to day living, our future, and the future of the coming generations.


Join and Unite together for the most important election of a generation.
Together we will poll the Minor Parties and learn to vote strategically. United we vote – divided we fail.
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