One thing that has become very clear for thousands of Kiwis, is that there is currently no political home for many of our votes.

The response to the recent pandemic and the declaration of an emergency status illustrated just how quickly extreme changes in governance can occur.

The introduction of the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act (2020) facilitated a significant reduction in the rights of New Zealanders. Our freedom to move, speak, associate, access health care, and even earn a living, has been heavily restricted over the past three years.

Even more worrying is the fact that on the occasions when government actions were challenged and found to be illegal, the government felt it appropriate to change the law overnight without proper public consultation or debate.

The government has also acted undemocratically to both promote and encourage a segregated and divided community.

The restrictions imposed by these politicians have had a dramatic effect on New Zealanders’ lives which will affect our future and the future of coming generations.

We believe in a free and democratic society in which all New Zealanders have the right to debate; the right to have our concerns heard; the right to vote on key law and policy; and the right to make decisions by discussion, not by mandate.

These are our principles.